UDM presidential candidate Philip Murgor addressing Nairobi party delegates and aspirants on Monday, January 30, 2017. [Photo/Courtesy]
UDM presidential candidate Philip Murgor addressing Nairobi party delegates and aspirants on Monday, January 30, 2017. [Photo/Courtesy]

United Democratic Movement (UDM) presidential candidate Philip Murgor has slammed Jubilee government for supposedly letting Kenyans down.

Addressing party aspirants and leaders from Nairobi on Monday, Philip Murgor pointed out that the perceived refusal by Kenyans to register as voters and their reluctance to participate in the August elections is attributed to the disappointments supposedly endured under the Jubilee regime.

“…It is because millions of eligible Kenyans have lost hope in the electrical system as a means to bringing about positive change.

“They have become cynical, disenfranchised and despondent. They believe that almost all politicians in Kenya are self-seeking individuals who do not have their interest at heart…” stated Murgor.

He accused Jubilee government of condoning corruption and leading the country into huge debt, saying there is need for Kenyans to unite in ensuring President Uhuru Kenyatta does not win re-election.

“There is absolutely no commitment to end corruption. Our national debts stands at a massive Ksh3.7 trillion which is unsustainable; corruption is at its highest ever since independence.”

“Having been involved in the fight against corruption as DPP, my record is clear and speaks for itself. My commitment to you is that if elected president, the UDM government will deal with corruption decisively.”

Philip Murgor further criticised the government for its inability to address issues raised by doctors, nurses, teachers and lecturers leading to nationwide strikes.

“As we speak, someone whom you know is either at home sick and unattended, or has died due to lack of medical attention in public hospitals. This is unacceptable.”

While expressing his condolences to the families and friends of Kenyan soldiers killed in Kulbiywo camp attack in Somalia, the UDM party leader questioned the need to keep Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers in the war-tone country, calling for their immediate withdrawal.

“I urge the government to reconsider its strategy and pull our soldiers back to our borders and set up a buffer one which can be secured, instead of scattered and unsafe military camps in Somalia,” said the former DPP.

Murgor further stated that UDM will initiate a change of status quo and national politics and ensure living standards of Kenyans are improved.

In an oblique come-get-me tone, Murgor express readiness to join forces with CORD and other opposition parties to form one coalition that would defeat Jubilee.

He however remained insistent on his intention to be on the ballot by urging Kenyans to register in large numbers and vote to ensuring UDM wins the August elections.

“UDM is therefore presenting itself as the only credible option to disrupt the status quo. We need to vote in a new crop of leaders who are truly committed to serving all Kenyans,” noted Philip Murgor.