OPINION: The President's seat and other stories
OPINION: The President's seat and other stories

Growing up I remember visiting some friends’ houses where no one was supposed to sit on a designated seat.

The seat would usually be strategically positioned to allow unobstructed view of the door so that the ‘sitter’ sees who comes in and who goes out, and a wider view of the entire sitting room.

It was dubbed the “Father’s Seat”.

It did not matter how outmoded or embellished the seat was, it was considered a taboo to sit on it and even if the house was full with guests and the Father’s Seat was the only unoccupied seat available, they had to get an alternative spot, like the floor.

Call it dictatorial practices or archaic tendencies, it doesn’t matter. These friends have grown up to know their places, what lines not to cross and what practices not to engage in. And they are doing well!

Maybe such traits should be whipped into the heads of ‘young men’ of today.