Public Accounts Committee chair Nicholas Gumbo (left) is accused of leading a shoddy probe into NYS scandal and using PAC report to witch-hunt Waiguru. [Photo/Courtesy]
Public Accounts Committee chair Nicholas Gumbo (left) is accused of leading a shoddy probe into NYS scandal. [Photo/Courtesy]

Kiharu MP Irungu Kang’ata has rubbished the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report that recommends fresh investigations into former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru over the NYS scandal.

Speaking on Citizen Xtra on Thursday, Kang’ata questioned the timing of the report, terming it a political machination aimed at distracting the Kirinyaga governorship candidate from her campaign.

“The PAC report is meaningless. It is evident that the move by the committee seeking to bar Waiguru from running for office is merely a case of political witch-hunt; I don’t think it will affect her candidature for the Kirinyaga governorship seat.”

On the contrary, Kang’ata said, the latest developments will work to Anne Waiguru’s advantage and rally more people behind her.

“To many people, Waiguru is a victim of circumstance, who is being humiliated by PAC, led by Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo,” he said.

“This will not in any way hurt her candidature. In fact it will catapult her into victory since to the people of Kirinyaga she is being victimised.”

The MP further noted that the report cannot be used as a basis to bar Waiguru from running for office, since such an action can only be taken if one is found guilty of an offence.

“When people went to court to try and bar Uhuru Kenyatta from vying for president in 2013 due to the cases that he, and William Ruto, was facing at the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Court expressed itself in a very clear manner,” he said.

“The same applies for Anne Waiguru and any other person who is running for office.”

Political analysts Ray Ochieng and Gabriel Muthama also echoed Kang’ata sentiments terming the probe as a big joke.

“This is a gift to Waiguru because of its timing; and her rival Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua must be full of disappointment. The latest attack on Waiguru will only increase her chances of winning the Kirinyaga governorship seat,” said Muthuma.

“PAC report is a sham”

He further noted that the recommendations by PAC are ludicrous since all the aspirants went through vetting before running in the primaries.

“I don’t understand why PAC would want fresh investigation into Waiguru yet she was cleared by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) before running for nominations,” he said.

“It does not also make sense that EACC is conducting fresh vetting of candidates now; since that was already done. Our institutions need to be serious.”

Ochieng on his part stated: “PAC is just playing politics with the issue of NYS. It seems they are pushing the agenda of opponents of Waiguru.”

The PAC report was tabled in the National Assembly on Wednesday; two years after the probe into the scandal began.

Questions have also been raised over the omission of some names in the PAC report, including former Principal Secretary Philip Mangiti who has been charged with the loss of NYS money.

Anne Waiguru defeated the Kirinyaga Governor Joseph Ndathi and Kirinyaga Central MP Gitari Gachoki in the Jubilee nominations last month.

While Ndathi has announced his interest to defend his seat as an independent candidate, Gitari has teamed up with Martha Karua, as her running mate, for the August 8 polls.