Anne Waiguru, locally nicknamed Minji Minji, addresses residents of Getuya in Ndia on Wednesday.
Anne Waiguru, locally nicknamed Minji Minji, addresses residents of Getuya in Ndia on Wednesday.

Jubilee candidate in the Kirinyaga Governorship race Anne Waiguru will defeat Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua by a 20 per cent margin if the elections are held today, according to the latest polls by research firm TIFA.

The poll results released on Thursday, give Waiguru locally nicknamed Minji Minji , a clear lead of 55 per cent against Martha Karua’s 35 per cent with the incumbent governor Joseph Ndathi, who is defending his seat as an independent candidate coming third at 3 per cent.

Seven per cent of the respondents are undecided on who they will vote for.

Those who said they will vote for Waiguru said they believe she is the right candidate to bring change and development in Kirinyaga and have “confidence in her experience and good leadership skills.”

The residents also termed Anne “Minji Minji” Waiguru as a development-oriented leader further terming her manifesto as promising.

The poll results are a boost for the Waiguru campaign coming less than three weeks to the August 8 elections.

The former Devolution Cabinet Secretary has increased activities on the ground in the past two weeks traversing constituencies, visiting villages, engaging on one-on-one interactions with the locals and addressing public rallies.

On Wednesday, Waiguru traversed three constituencies, holding meetings and rallies in Kirinyaga Central, Gichugu and Ndia.

Ms Waiguru started the day with an engagement with the elderly people in Kerugoya, Kirinyaga Central at the Inua Jamii forum where she lauded the government’s efforts to provide monthly stipends to help with their upkeep.

She encouraged the elderly people to register in order to benefit from the scheme while promising to work with the Jubilee government to realise its promise to double the number of elderly persons under the cash transfer programme.

The Jubilee governorship candidate later addressed rallies in Kerugoya where she urged the resident to support her candidature for a more developed Kirinyaga County.

The Jubilee candidate then held rallies in Kianyaga before addressing residents of Ndia in Baricho and Getuya.

In her addresses, Waiguru assured the residents of her commitment to modernise agricultural practices to increase harvests, source for better markets for farmers to ensure they reap maximum profits from their produce.

Minji Minji also promised to improve infrastructure and security, ensure better health care, create jobs for the youth and better the living standards in the county.

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