CORD leader Raila Odinga has claimed that Uhuru Kenyatta is lying to Kenyans about his achievements. [Photo/Courtesy]
CORD leader Raila Odinga has claimed that Uhuru Kenyatta is lying to Kenyans about his achievements. [Photo/Courtesy]

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga has rubbished President Uhuru Kenyatta’s development record.

Addressing the press on Tuesday, Raila said President Uhuru Kenyatta’s move to launch a portal to showcase Jubilee’s achievements was a Public Relations gimmick aimed at saving face over their apparent failures.

“Most of the projects that Jubilee claims to have done were started by the Grand Coalition government of myself as Prime Minister and President Mwai Kibaki,” said Raila Odinga

“In reality there is nothing that Jubilee has done in the years they have been in power other than engaging in the theft of public funds through scandals like Eurobond.”

Raila further noted that the pronouncements by President Uhuru Kenyatta just adds to the many acts of deception that the president has tried to anchored his administration on.

“The Jubilee administration unveiled another layer on top of the State of the Nation address, the State House Summits and the Budget speech to try and convince doubting Kenyans that it has a record worthy of re-election,” said Raila Odinga.

The ODM leader said Jubilee’s development record in infrastructure, land, energy and health, among others is not a true reflection of what is on the ground.

“…in his 2016 State of the Nation address, the President said that Jubilee had built 3000 kilometres of road. In this year’s (2017) address, the number came down to 1950km. In the Budget Speech read a few weeks ago, the roads done came down again to 1500km,” said Raila.

“During the State Of The Nation address, the President claimed there was 7,000 km of road under construction.

“The so called delivery portal that his office has just put up claims 2,000 kilometre of “inter-city highways” under construction and another 500 under procurement. “

“When these highways are completed, they will be only 100km shy of Mombasa to Kisumu (830) plus Namanga to Moyale (970) plus Nairobi to Mandera (800). Which are cities the highways are connecting?”

Raila Odinga also faulted Jubilee’s last mile project saying the president’s statement of connecting 2.9 million households to electricity, contradicts that of Treasury CS (3.7 million), Energy CS (5.5 million), and the Deputy Chief of Staff Nzioki Waita who puts the number at 5.8 million.

“The Kenya Power and Lighting Company’s figure is 2.3m. It is worth pointing out that the 5.8 million figure corresponds to the total number of KPLC customers, not households (i.e. domestic) customers as claimed by Mr. Waita. Customers include business premises and institutions, not just homes,” stated Raila Odinga.

Raila also put Jubilee to task over the Eurobond scandal saying recent efforts to frustrate Auditor General Edward Ouko are aimed at concealing the truth.

“We have noted with dismay, as well as bemusement, the claim by President Kenyatta that our contention that the Government has failed to account for proceeds of the 2014 sovereign bond issue (Eurobond) is unfounded,” said Raila.

“For quite a while now, President Kenyatta and his government have been telling blatant lies on easily verifiable information. This is truly absurd.”

“We do note however, that one of the reasons why the Eurobond scandal has refused to go away is the inability to show the projects that were financed with the money.”

The ODM leader further said that the Health Ministry scandal and other scams in the Ministry of Land and Interior are a pointer at President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inability to lead the country.

The government has however refuted Raila’s claims saying the government’s delivery is steadily exposing ODM’s allergy of development, democracy and decency.

“Why is ODM afraid of the government’s achievements? ODM has panicked and is reacting in a frenzied and disjointed manner that does nothing to improve the quality of national conversation,” read a statement from State House.