pep guardiola in a past match
Manchester United boss Pep Guardiola in a past match. [Photo/]

Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola has revealed that he does not teach his players to tackle, like other teams do their players.

Speaking after his team’s 4-2 defeat to defending Champions Leicester City, Guardiola said that ‘tackling style’ of play is in England saying it is not his style of coaching.

“I am not a coach for the tackles so I don’t train the tackles. What I want is to try and play good and score goals and arrive more [in the box],” Guardiola is quoted by Sky Sports as saying.

“Yes the duels you have to win that’s true. But normally when you play good you win a lot of tackles but after four minutes 2-0 in the mind of the players [they say] ‘what’s going on, what happened’ and it’s not easy for them.

“That’s why it’s another aspect of the football but in the end we’re not going to win or lose for the tackles.”

The Spaniard however admitted that despite playing well, his team needs to work on defensive elements in the coming days in order to be strong at the back.

“I have to improve to solve that. I want to play the football I feel because of course that is simple like that [to think you should] concede few goals and to try to score more.

“The base of the way we play during the season, except a few times, was quite good. I cannot say today we played bad.

“We didn’t play with the intention to create but after four minutes 2-0, and after the third goal, how we played the second half, we tried.

“But of course we concede a lot of goals. I always tried, and I realised to control the games we must concede less goals and here I cannot do that. So I have to analyse why.”