Gov’t to help families, friends of Naivasha tragedy victims

Over 30 people were killed in Naivasha tragedy
The scene of Naivasha tragic accident. [Photo/Courtesy]

The government has promised to help families of those killed in the Naivasha tragedy in making funeral arrangements, Transport Principal Secretary Irungu Nyakera has said.

Mr Nyakera also noted that counseling services will be availed to friends and families of the deceased to help them through these difficult times.

“The government has transported the bodies of those killed in the Naivasha accident to Chiromo and we will also offer counseling services to families and friends who lost their loved ones.

“We are also putting in place plans to help families with funeral arrangements,” Mr Irungu Nyakera said in an interview on NTV Sunday night.

The PS further noted that plans are underway to ensure road signage is placed on areas where there are bumps to help drivers who are not familiar with certain routes.

“What happened was tragic but we cannot apportion blame because no laws were broken. Probable the driver of the canter did not understand the road very well, or maybe he was intoxicated, we do not know at this point.”

The accident, which occurred at Karai area on the Naivasha-Nakuru road, was caused by a canter mini-van, with a Ugandan registration plate, that was ferrying inflammable materials.

According to Joseph Muthee, a traffic police officer, the canter lost control after hitting a road bump with the impact causing it to explode into flames.

The canter, which was on its way from Mombasa to Uganda, rammed into vehicles from oncoming traffic.

Of those killed in the accident, several were burned beyond recognition after 10 vehicles caught fire.

11 General Service Unit (GSU) officers, attached to State House, charged with the responsibility of protecting President Uhuru Kenyatta, were among those who lost their lives in the Naivasha tragedy.

President Kenyatta and CORD leader Raila Odinga are some of the leaders who have sent their condolences to the families of those who died in the accident.