christina shusho
Gospel musician Christina Shusho in a past performance. [Photo/Courtesy]

Celebrates singer Christina Shusho has weighed in on the raging debate over the controversial song ’Nyonyo’.

In a message posted on Facebook, Christina Shusho called on singers to respect God, calling on the upcoming artist to seek counsel before composing his songs.

“Kama an upcoming artist, maybe hajui, au maybe ameona controversial message ndio njia poa ya kuingia kwa huduma, kama ni hivyo you are wrong my brother. [Maybe the upcoming musician is just ignorant or maybe he thinks the only way to break into the industry is through controversial message in which case he is wrong],” stated Christina Shusho.

“Injili haina generation, injuili ni injili, uwe Kijana au mzee injili ni uweza wa Mungu uletao wokovu [The gospel cannot change to fit generations, the gospel must remain whether you are a youth, or old, it is the power of god to brings salvation].”

The song, sang by an upcoming artist SBJ has raised wide condemnation with most people terming the song blasphemous.