Rachel Shebesh and her husband Frank (far left) pose with President Uhuru and DP Ruto at State House, Nairobi
Rachel Shebesh and her husband Frank (far left) pose with President Uhuru and DP Ruto at State House, Nairobi

Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Rachel Shebesh has said Jubilee party’s hierarchical structure places Deputy President William Ruto as the heir-apparent to President Uhuru Kenyatta upon his retirement from active politics in 2022.

In an interview this week, Shebesh said incessant campaigns launched by Ruto’s allies are unnecessary since no one has come out to strongly oppose Ruto’s interest in the presidency.

“William Ruto is the Deputy President of this country; William Ruto is our deputy party leader (in Jubilee). Uhuru’s term is coming to an end, and so, without doing any math, who then do we have at the helm, isn’t it William Ruto?

“I, for example, as a Jubilee member, when I get to the ballot in 2022, I will vote for a Jubilee president. For now I have not heard anyone else in Jubilee who has expressed interest in the presidency in 2022 (except Ruto).”

Shebesh therefore called on Ruto and his brigade to tone down on early campaigns and the perpetration of politics of insults and instead focus on championing the president’s development agenda.

“Instead of the deputy president using people to abuse us and abuse the president, I would tell him to relax. We know him, we appreciate him, we have worked with him, but every day cannot be about abusing people who are with Uhuru and are against early campaigns.

“If my agenda was 2022, I would probably be in the same team with Tanga Tanga fronting the deputy president for 2022. However I am not in that group, I am in the group that has decided to listen to what the president has said regarding early campaigning,” said the former Nairobi Woman Representative.

She noted that by insulting those with opposing views about early campaigns and the DP’s activities, the Tanga Tanga team was losing key support which may cost them in 2022.

“Nobody ever thought in their wildest dreams that Uhuru and Raila could work together. 2022 is so far that those people you are abusing (Uhuru and Raila) could be the forces behind William Ruto in 2022. There is need therefore for Tanga Tanga legislators to respect the president and former prime minister Raila Odinga”

The CAS further castigated Kandara MP for allegedly insulting President Kenyatta by terming hi, as a threat to the democracy and the economy of Kenya, saying such utterances were counterproductive, and uncalled for.